Welcome to the website of Association of Hospice Palliative Care Providers which unites the hospices in the Czech Republic and contributes to positive change of Czech society relation to death and dying.
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Association of Hospice Palliative Care Providers

  • Promotes and supports hospice and palliative care which put emphasis on the respect for a human being as an individual
  • Assists with a positive change in the attitude towards death and dying process in Czech community
  • Brings together organizations which can provide in-patient resident and mobile hospice care in Czech Republic

AHPCP unites the providers of hospice care and ensures their quality standards. It represents hundreds of professionals that work in the palliative care. These professionals provide the education to both amateurs and specialists, including the tuitions at the Universities.

In the collaboration with the Ministry of Health, AHPCP has participated in the development of first guidelines for Hospice Palliative Care Quality Standards which are now being followed voluntarily by all its members. AHPCP was established in 2005 and by 2007 has achieved legalization of the in-patient resident and mobile hospice care. We are the members of European Palliative care association.

On a yearly basis, AHPCP organizes a professional conference and since April 2010 publishes its own bulletin called “ Rovnovaha “ (Equilibrum).

Additionally, for its members AHPCP also publishes an internal bulletin called “Hospicnoviny” (HospicNews) that supports the development of their professionals and ensures the quality of their care.

AHPCP members offer the capacity of 337 in-patient resident beds; employ 600 professionals in the hospice palliative care (doctors, nurses, social workers, caretakers, psychologists, pastors etc.); collaborate with more than 200 volunteers; since their establishment has treated almost 20.000 patients and provided their support to 28.000 bereaved; in 2009 has treated almost 2.973 patients and provided the support to 3.670 bereaved.

AHPCP short-term goals are to:

  • Promote the awareness among amateurs and specialists about what hospice care can offer
  • Improve the quality of care through collaborating to the development of Hospice Palliative Care Quality Standards
  • Educate and assist in the development of the professionals in the hospice palliative care



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